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The omega-3 polyunsaturates from fish and fish oils, and their role in nutrition and health is the subject matter of this site. This site is divided into a number of sections, to make it easier to find the information you need. Click on the appropriate box above to go to that section. Use the "back" button on your right mouse button to return to the previous page, or use the navigation buttons to find the page you need.

The Nutrition page introduces a section which provides explanations of the role that fats and oils play in our nutrition,  an explanation of the omega-3 polyunsaturates and their  importance in health, and more detailed information on the impact of  fish oil on heart disease, brain function, arthritis, skin and other parts of the body. 
The References section provides details of the many scientific papers which provide the basic information for the narrative in the preceding section.

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The Fish Foundation's role is to increase awareness of the health benefits arising from higher consumption of the long chain omega-3 polyunsaturates derived from fish . It will do this by, among other things, acting as a source of expert information available to media personnel, manufacturers, retailers and health professionals; by production and wide distribution of leaflets, brochures, posters etc,  and by seeking to influence the key decision makers in nutrition policy, menu planning and meal presentation.

  April 2001

After a period of ten years, the Fish Foundation has  to scaled down operations with effect from April 30th 2001. This unfortunately means there are no further  free supplies of leaflets or posters available. Finding finance for a generic campaign such as this has proved increasingly difficult. Grateful thanks are due to those companies and organisations that have provided financial support in the past.

July  2002

    Requests for further supplies of leaflets and posters have continued to come in, to such an extent that it has been decided to make  available further copies of leaflets and posters on a self-financing basis. This process is now complete, and supplies are  available, on a cost price charge basis. Send an e-mail to for the details of costs and order procedures etc,

 The website will  continue  for the time being.

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